Nephron-sparing Surgery

Wednesday, 11 June 2008 - The book’s concept was first mentioned in Istanbul during the 2006 Annual EAU congress. The editor and the 17 contributors’ goal was to produce an encyclopaedic survey on conservative renal surgery. Recent advances in renal cancer management and various developments in nephron-sparing surgery have guided the authors’ approach. Indications for nephron-sparing are clear although some concerns about the choice of surgical technique and access remain. Various ablative technologies are still being developed and their role must be assessed. Consequently, this book’s approach is exhaustive and elaborate.

After a brief historical overview, the authors described the anatomical basis of nephron-sparing surgery followed by pathological considerations on kidney cancer. Recent advances in molecular markers were briefly described, and the increasing role of preoperative imaging has obviously encouraged the authors to write a separate chapter about it. General considerations for renoprotective measures and kidney cooling in conservative surgery were also included in a dedicated chapter. After describing open nephron –sparing surgery, the authors presented an overview of various ablative techniques, while various nergy sources were presented in another chapter.

Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy, although not thoroughly evaluated, was described in a chapter which was well-illustrated with photographs. Nevertheless, the authors took note of the need to conduct prospective studies that compare open and laparoscopic partial nephrectomy. The role of partial nephrectomy in non malignant kidney diseases was also described. The last chapters focused on various and important aspects of nephron-sparing surgery such as controversies, long-term outcome and future developments. Undeniably, this book compiles salient data useful to all urologists involved in kidney cancer treatment. A DVD with technical videos would have been an added value.

Authors : K. Sasidharan, M. Soloway
ISBN : 9781841846361
Published by : Informa Health Care
Publication date : October 2007
Pages : 168
Illustrations : 95 fc, 75 bw and 75 halftone
Cost : 156 euros
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