Campbell-Walsh Urology's e-version

Indeed, for over 50 years, most of us consider this outstanding textbook a “bedside book”. The present edition certainly lives up to this reputation but it may be worth pointing to some of the many new features which provide enhanced accessibility and ease of use.

Traditionally, every update includes numerous improvements and additional information. Respectful of this tradition, Alan Wein, Louis Kavoussi, Andrew Novick, Alan Partin, Craig Peters and more than 230 contributors produced a 4 volume textbook covering all urological fields. Twenty-four new chapters have been added while all others have been substantially revised and updated.

The first volume brings together anatomy, molecular biology, basics of technical urology, infection, inflammation, reproductive medicine, and diseases of the male genitalia. Volume 2 is dedicated to adrenals, kidney and upper urinary tract physiology and pathology, including various aspects of endoscopic
and open techniques. Volume 3 is dedicated to the urinary tract, storage and emptying. Lower urinary tract pathology and surgery are extensively covered. Volume 4 is an exhaustive textbook on paediatric urology, discussing all aspects of this urological subspeciality. This 900-page volume will not only be of interest for paediatric urologists but also general practitioners, certified or in training, will find that this book provides a wealth of information.

Each volume contains many tables and figures of excellent quality and most of these are in colour. Key statements are highlighted, providing the reader with a concise message, which is easy to memorize.

As the fields of Urology and communication techniques continue to evolve, Campbell-Walsh evolves. If one purchases the textbook an access code for the multimedia edition is included. The e-version provides the reader with the full-text and downloadable figures and images. Videos are also available on-line and details and salient points of the many procedures are provided. One of the greatest advantages of the e-version is the permanent updating which is available until a subsequent edition is published. The on-line version is also fully
searchable which will make it very accessible and easy to consult.

The editors and authors undoubtedly deserve our congratulations and thanks for this magnificent new edition.

Editors : Alan J. Wein, Louis R. Kavoussi, Andrew C. Novick, Alan W. Partin and Craig A. Peters
ISBN-10 : 0808923536 (International ed.)
ISBN-13 : 9781416029663 (International ed.)
Published by : Saunders Elsevier
Pages : 4592 pages
Illustrations : 2509 illustrations
Size : 21.6 x 27.6 cm
Cost : $599.00 (book with online e-dition)
Volumes: : 4-volume set
Copyright : 2007
Website: : 

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