Therapeutic Energy Applications in Urology

Tuesday, 15 February 2011, Minimally invasive procedures have progressively replaced open surgery in the field of urology. New developments in various technologies provide urologists with very effi cient devices, available for less invasive operations with direct patient’s benefit. Chaussy and co-editors wrote this textbook with the help of more than 30 contributors from Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands who participated in the consensus meeting of the German Society for Shock Wave Lithotripsy.

Five topics were discussed by the committees before plenary sessions were organized with the aim of establishing consensual answers to the questions. Thus, urolithiasis, lithotripter technology, ablative onco-urology, BPH and laparoscopy were exhaustively addressed. Five groups were set up to assess current progress within the chosen topic and discuss direct impact on patient’s health. Future developments were also discussed.

Five chapters of this book report on the committee’s works. Each of them begins with a “consensus” survey. The chapter dedicated to urolithiasis assembles various paragraphs dedicated to diagnostic methods and therapeutic procedures including ESWL and endourology. The following chapter deals with lithotripter technology: various devices available at present are described in specific paragraphs, since shock waves’ effects on pain memory are discussed in a separate paragraph. Ablative procedures in onco-urology such as HIFU and cryotherapy of prostate and kidney tumours are described in the third chapter. Recent advances in BPH management are considered in a dedicated chapter, describing various laser technologies and bipolar transurethral resection. The last chapter deals with new developments in laparoscopy including image-guided systems, training problems and fl exible instruments.

This well-illustrated textbook assembles useful information for urologists anxious to update their knowledge in the abovementioned topics.

ISBN : 978-3-13-150641-2
Editors : C. Chaussy, G. Haupt, D. Jochan,
K.U. Köhrmann
Publisher : Thieme Verlag
Publication : 2011
Edition : 1st
Price : 69,95 Euro
Pages : 208
Illustrations : 95 illustrations
Binding : softcover
Website :

by: Prof.Dr. Paul Meria - Section Editor - Paris (FR)

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