EAU Research Foundation launches LUTS-BPH Registry

Wednesday, 18 March 2009- The European Association of Urology Research Foundation (EAURF) is launching this year a European registry project that aims to evaluate the impact and management of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) associated with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) in five Western European countries.

To be directed by lead author Prof. Andrea Tubaro, current head of the EAU Registries, the registry project, will focus on the medical management of LUTS-BPH patients. Two patient populations will be studied in the registry: 1) patients with LUTS-BPH who presently / recently are untreated with pharmacological agents for LUTS-BPH and start BPH pharmacological treatment, and 2) patients with LUTS-BPH presently / recently treated with BPH pharmacological treatment who will continue their BPH pharmacological treatment. The finances of the registry project are funded by GlaxoSmithKline.

"By mid-year we expect to start patient recruitment for this project that will examine and provide an understanding as to how much current management practices respond to patient needs, reduce disease burden and affect patient’s quality of life, including patient satisfaction with treatment and improvement in their condition," said Dr. Wim Witjes of the EAU Central Research Office.

The EAURF hopes to secure the participation of both urologists and general practitioners from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Although urologists are expected to account for the majority of participating registrants, general practitioners will also be actively involved particularly in countries where they extend front-line urological care.

The project will attempt to monitor and follow-up on 2,000 patients, equally split between those who already have received medical treatment and patients who have not but are about to follow a medical regimen. Witjes added that the registry will also collect data on how physicians follow existing guideline recommendations. A secondary aim is to generate health economic data that will help define the true economic costs involved in the management of LUTS/BPH and associated symptoms in individual European countries.

Similar studies have been conducted in recent years such as the TransEuropean Research into the use of Management Policies for LUTS suggestive of BPH in Primary Health Care or TRIUMPH study, and the BPH Usage study carried out in four European countries. While helpful, the previous studies were not without limitations, and the EAURF registry intends to examine questions or improve on the limits faced by earlier studies.

Recruited patients will be asked to fill up several questionnaires. Evaluation of responses will focus on symptom scores, quality of life, perception of disease, sexual function, amongst others. Follow-up monitoring will take place within two years from the initial consultation or visit, and will be conducted on scheduled intervals based on the patient’s treatment plan.

Participating doctors will administer the registry via an online web-based application system and will be compensated for their (delegates) time, for asking patients to participate in this project and for entering patient data into a web-based data management system. Also, the top recruiters who provide high quality data will be credited for their contribution in any pre or final scientific publications related to the research. The EAURF plans to complete the project no less than three years after the start of the registry.

Physicians interested to participate are invited to visit the EAURF Booth number B14:31 in Stockholm or visit the EAURF website at www.uroweb.org. For detailed information contact: EAU Research Foundation at researchfoundation(at)remove-this.uroweb.org. Tel +31 26 3890677.

By Joel Vega

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