Yale researchers present results of phenoxodiol clinical trial in PCa patients

Friday, 27 February 2009- Preliminary results from a Phase II clinical trial of oral phenoxodiol in patients with prostate cancer were presented by Yale researchers at the ASCO Genitourinary Cancers Symposium currently being held in Orlando, Florida.

In an abstract submitted to the ASCO conference, lead author Dr. Kevin Kelly, associate director of the Solid Tumor Investigation at Yale Cancer Center said the study has reviewed data supporting the anti-tumor effects of phenoxodiol as studied in patients with advanced prostate cancer (Group A) and in patients with early stage, pre-metastatic disease where prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels were rising after radical prostatectomy or radiation therapy (Group B).

Twenty-five (25) patients have been treated to date -- 16 in Group A and 9 in Group B. Interim analysis shows that among Group A patients, one remains on therapy without disease progression for greater than 6 months and 1 patient had a greater than 50% post-therapy PSA decline, while five patients in Group B (56%) had stable disease for a median time of three months.

"Oral phenoxodiol was very well tolerated with no severe adverse events reported to date. More importantly, we observed some evidence of clinical activity, especially in the early stage disease group, in terms of holding disease progression in check," said Dr. Kevin Kelly. "Further studies evaluating the impact of phenoxodiol on serum cytokines will be explored at the completion of the trial."

In another related development, a report in the British Journal of Cancer said that in addition to its potential as a single agent therapeutic, phenoxodiol is able to enhance the activity of cisplatin and carboplatin against prostate cancer cells in vitro. This study, conducted by Prof. Paul de Souza and colleagues of the Department of Medical Oncology at St. George Hospital in Sydney, Australia concluded "that phenoxodiol has interesting properties that make combination therapy with cisplatin or carboplatin appealing."

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